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Your role as a Worksite Representative

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Worksite Representative Stage 1 Course 

This course, for current WSR, deepens your understanding of our values, purpose and processes.

It focuses on the development of your skills and confidence to represent members and resolve issues in the workplace, including interpretation and application of industrial documents (for example EBA) and legislation.

It encourages you to build a positive and active union culture in your workplace.

On this course you will develop a realistic and achievable Action Plan for your worksite with support from a Professional Liaison Officer. 

Worksite Representative Stage 2 Course 

This course commences with a report back in relation to the achievements and challenges you have faced in meeting your priorities.

In this course you will build on your knowledge and skills and develop confidence to deal with more complex issues, consultation and negotiation in your workplace.

There is also a focus on issues and advocacy that extend beyond a worksite and the role of unions in campaigning for changes to improve conditions and the health system.

You will review and update your Action Plan with a key focus on building the number of active union members, union workplace culture, voice and influence. 

Worksite Representative Stage 3 Program 2023 

This program takes place over three courses (3 days + 2 days + 2 days)

The content of this course aims to reinforce and deepen your skills and knowledge to position you more strongly as a situational union leader.

Throughout this leadership program you will look at some of the following:

  • SWOT analysis and further develop action planning skills
  • Worksite organising
  • Campaigns - locally and more broadly, your role in them
  • Leadership - values and skills development
  • Negotiating skills development
  • ANMF's place in the union movement
  • WHS, the ANMF and how WSR can assist

To register or explore any queries, please contact Suzy Sumsion or Sophie Nikolopoulos via email at [email protected] or via phone 8334 1900.

Events registrations will be available online in late November 2023.
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