Vaccination clinics to stay open as COVID cases near peak 

6 April 2022

The new Labor Government will reverse plans from the former Liberal Government to close State Government-run COVID vaccination clinics this month, with cases set to peak at about 8,000 a day.

Labor says briefings presented to the incoming Government showed the Marshall Liberal Government planned to start closing vaccination clinics this week, with all but two state-run clinics closed within weeks, and Wayville clinic closing by May 29.
It says these closures would have come as the COVID peak is about to hit within days and over 65 year olds and vulnerable South Australians are due to have their fourth vaccination to protect against COVID as we head into winter.
The Wayville vaccination clinic has now been extended until July 31 this year while other state-run clinics at Playford and Noarlunga and regional areas have been extended until June 30 this year following a decision in State Cabinet yesterday. Pop-up clinics will stay open until June.
This will help more than 300,000 South Australians eligible or overdue for a booster to get their shot, with booster rates currently lagging.
And it will also support the 270,000 South Australians eligible to receive their fourth vaccination for winter with jabs to start from tomorrow across clinics.
This will also support the thousands of 5-11 year olds who have yet to receive their first dose.
SA Health has also been requested to commence work on a long-term vaccination plan to ensure there is capacity for future vaccinations and boosters from next financial year.
South Australia is set to hit a peak number of COVID cases this month. This coincides with the Government making an appeal to South Australians to get vaxxed to protect themselves against COVID this winter. The Government will start a major new $2 million campaign shortly to encourage people to get vaccinated.

New Health Minister Chris Picton, who tested positive to COVID on Friday, said he was working hard to find 200 extra hospital beds ahead of the peak.

“We know it’s going to be very difficult to try and find those in a very short period of time but we’re doing everything we possibly can to do that,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.
Hundreds of pharmacies and GP clinics are also providing COVID vaccinations.

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