More support and improved conditions for the WCH nurses and midwives


11 August 2022

There will be extra staffing, additional funded ward beds and a reduction of workloads at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital following advocacy by ANMF (SA Branch) WSRs.

The Business Rules Review (BRR) will now close at the WCH’s Michael Rice Centre for Haematology/Oncology (MRCHO), which has been ongoing since November 2020. 

Outcomes of the BRR include:

  • An increase in funding of ward beds from 6 to 9. This equated to a 7.5FTE increase in the base staffing FTE to staff the additional 3 beds. 
  • Regular oncology trained nurses will now care for MRCHO patients instead of the reliance on agency and the casual pool who may not be familiar with the area or acuity of patients.
  • A fifth nurse allocated to the clinic side of MRCHO to care for day oncology patients. 

Over at the Post Natal Ward, their BRR will also conclude with an extra afternoon shift midwife allocated to the afternoon shift, reducing member workloads. 

The WCHN has formally agreed to raise the Nursing/Midwifery Hours Per Patient Day (N/MHPPD) from 5.4 (or 5.6 if domiciliary is included) to 5.8 (N/MHPPD). A base staffing configuration of 9, 8, 7 will be in place for 35 beds. This is inclusive of a TL without a patient load on the early and late shift. 

This is also agreed minimum staffing levels. Members can escalate on a shift-by-shift basis based on acuity. 

“These fantastic results are entirely due to the determined efforts of our brilliant Work Site Reps who are to be commended for their tireless advocacy,’’ ANMF (SA Branch) CEO/Secretary Adj Associate Professor Elizabeth Dabars AM said.

“Thanks to them, members at the two respective wards now have improved working conditions – more beds, more staff, and less burdensome workloads, meaning nurses and midwives can provide even better care to their young patients.

“This is a great outcome for nurses and midwives and, so importantly, the children in their care.’’