Commercial message aimed at saving lives and reducing infection 

27 July 2022

Clinical nurse Dianne (not her real name for privacy reasons) put nerves aside to share a critical health message during the filming of a television commercial shot at the ANMF (SA Branch) office last week.

Dianne joined a doctor and paramedic in front of the camera to remind people of the basic COVID precautions we should follow to keep our community safe.

The ANMF (SA Branch) is urging people to get vaccinated, wear masks, wash hands and socially distance; especially when visiting hospitals or other health sites.

Dianne said sharing this “extremely important” message outweighed any apprehension she had taking part in the commercial.

“It is sad the message has to be constantly reinforced all the time. It is a shame people need to be constantly reminded of this message,” she said.

“People seem to think it (COVID safety) is important to everyone else but not for them and as a result our presentations are escalating, the acuity is escalating and our staff are becoming sick because of it.

“The staff anxiety is through the roof; we don’t know what’s coming through the door and we don’t know what we are taking home to family.

“It’s not only because of the COVID situation but because of influenza and there are other situations out there as well.“

The commercial, produced with the South Australian Salaried Medical Officers Association and the  Ambulance Employees Association, is the latest measure by the ANMF (SA Branch) aimed at protecting our members and ultimately freeing up capacity within the system.

Hospitalisation rates of COVID patients in South Australia have been at their highest since the pandemic began. 

Last Friday we called for the urgent reimposition of limits on elective surgery in private hospitals – a move which would create the capacity for transfer of public patients to private hospitals with staff available to provide that care.

The Department for Health and Wellbeing is also encouraging third-year nursing students to apply for Assistant in Nursing positions; the recruitment drive is in response to our ongoing advocacy. 

ANMF (SA Branch) CEO/Secretary Adj Associate Professor Elizabeth Dabars AM said by embracing the messages featured in the TV commercial we can show our solidarity towards frontline workers.

“It is pretty simple advice but we understand that people need support to do this. Nurses, midwives and care-workers are asking you to support them, so they can keep supporting you,” she said.

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