Ardrossan puts the call out for an RN 

6 September 2022

Ardrossan Community Hospital is seeking a Registered Nurse to fill seven shifts over a fortnight starting Friday, September 16. 

In addition to wages, the Yorke Peninsula hospital will offer one tank of fuel to the value of $80, as well as meal vouchers and free accommodation at a “very clean and cute” three-bedroom home that could house a family wanting a short holiday. The home is within walking distance of the town and jetty. 

Ardrossan Director of Nursing Jodie Luke said acute services are on hold due to a doctor shortage. The EO/DON is on call for any advice and there are experienced ENs working at the same time. 

To inquire about the RN role please call Jodie Luke on 0417 886 695 or email [email protected].