Webinar for all nurses, Monday 20 September at 4.30pm, on Covid vaccinations and the science behind the COVID-19 vaccines 

9 September 2021

With all the misconceptions and misinformation swirling around in the community about COVID-19 and vaccination, the ANMF recently conducted a webinar breaking down the rapid science behind the development of the vaccines and the many safety processes involved.

In this webinar, ‘Vaccine Science in the Context of COVID’, Dr Jessica Stokes-Parish (RN, PhD) and nurse immuniser Romy Blacklaw present the safety processes, research, surveillance of adverse events (including data on safety so far) and the difference between COVID-19 vaccines.

The webinar will be available for ANMF (SA Branch) members to view online on Monday, 20 September, at 4.30pm.

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