ANMF condemns ugly Melbourne protests 

21 September 2021

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation has called on Victorian protesters to “stop the violence” and “stop fighting for the right to overwhelm our health system”.

Melbourne was again the scene of anarchic protests today against mandated COVID vaccines for construction workers and a two-week ban on construction work.

The second day of protests came after the Victorian Government shut down the construction industry for a fortnight on Monday, in response to “appalling behaviour” in a violent protest outside CFMEU union headquarters and repeated non-compliance with COVID measures.

A Channel 7 journalist was assaulted twice and doused in urine, buildings were vandalised, police and police cars were attacked, with riot police forced to fire rubber bullets into the crowd.

Unions everywhere, including the ANMF and CFMEU, which represents construction workers, were quick to condemn the actions of the protesters. The CFMEU said the protests had been hijacked by right-wing extremists.

“The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Victorian Branch) is calling on city protesters to stop thinking only of themselves, stop the violence and put the health and welfare of the Victorian community first,” ANMF (Victorian Branch) Secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick said in a statement today.

“On behalf of more than 95,000 members, especially those working to care for hundreds of ill COVID positive patients currently in our in-home programs, wards and intensive care units, and more broadly the thousands of nurses, midwives and students working across the health system, vaccination and testing hubs, we are calling for common sense and voices of reason to prevail,’’ she said.

“Nurses, midwives and carers are exhausted and frustrated as they watch protesters fight for their right to overwhelm our health system.

“We condemn yesterday’s pointless violence on the CFMEU building. We praise the brave efforts of our police force,’’ Ms Fitzpatrick said.

“We condemn those who created fake protest posters using our name, incorrectly, to create fraudulent legitimacy.’’

Please see the ANMF media release here.

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