ANMF launches aged care calculator for safer staffing


9 December 2021

The ANMF (SA Branch) has today released a Residential Aged Care Staffing Calculator© live on the web which provides the opportunity for providers and staff to analyse current staffing and skills mix and compare it against what should be in place to meet the assessed resident care and service needs; thereby delivering quality aged care. 
The Residential Aged Care Staffing Calculator© is designed to capture data which demonstrates the depth of the staffing and skills mix crisis and provide evidence as to what the Government needs to legislate and fund to allow providers and staff to deliver the quality aged care older Australians deserve.
The calculator will show you the yawning gap between the staffing that government is funding, and the real staffing and skills mix that is necessary to meet the assessed care needs of every resident and deliver quality care.

The calculator website, see bottom of page, has two videos explaining each version of the calculator for collecting data (the ‘Dip the Toe’ high-level comparison and the richer data to be gained from the ‘Deep Dive’ immersion version) and also how to navigate, enter data and interpret the results.
The calculator data will be used to raise awareness in the community and lobby government to properly address the staffing crisis with appropriate legislation and appropriate funding. 
Help us build this evidence as it is the only way to ensure older Australians receive the quality Aged Care that the overworked, underpaid, and undervalued aged care staff are desperately striving to provide currently without the resources to do so!

To quote Senior Counsel from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety: “There’s a strong argument for introducing a methodology to determine appropriate staffing numbers and mix of skills and for any methodology to be transparent. The models explained at this hearing are sophisticated and cannot be fairly described as blunt instruments.’’ 

For more information email the help desk at [email protected]

Check out the ANMF Residential Aged Care Staffing Calculator© HERE