Workers’ rights message to reach half a million homes 

24 June 2020

A message from ACTU Secretary Sally McManus explaining the union movement’s approach to discussions with employer groups and the Morrison Government on workers’ rights will reach half a million low and middle-income households tonight.

The automated message will explain the position the union movement is taking in these discussions and will make a commitment to defend the take home pay and rights of all working people.

This is part of a process of consultations with members and all workers which is the ongoing work of unions, the ACTU says.

 “Some in the employer lobby have been publicly arguing for permanent cuts to workers’ rights and take-home pay,’’ said ACTU secretary Sally McManus.

“These are cuts that would be passed on to the next generation and be felt long after the coronavirus passes.

“The union movement will not entertain these extreme claims. Where sensible changes and improvements can be made we will work constructively with employers and the Government to achieve them, but we cannot accept anything that would entrench inequality.”

The move comes a day after ACTU President Michele O’Neil called on the COVID Senate Inquiry to support paid pandemic leave of two weeks.

“We have seen two of the biggest states (Queensland and Victoria) introduce a form of paid support for workers without paid leave entitlements to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to encourage testing and isolation yet the Morrison Government refuses to help the more than three million Australian’s at risk of falling ill and potentially spreading the virus without access to sick leave,’’ Ms O’Neil said.