Win for members at Kalyra Communities

13 February 2020

Members at Kalyra Communities are celebrating a win for their Enterprise Agreement this month.

In December 2019, ANMF was alerted to an employer, Kalyra, withdrawing an Enterprise Agreement application from the Fair Work Commission. This action occurred without consultation with affected employees or their unions.

The ANMF felt this approach was inadequate and failed to recognise and respect the efforts of the bargaining committee and the views of the employees who resoundingly voted ‘yes’ to the new Enterprise Agreement just two months earlier.

As strong advocates for our members, the ANMF decided to lodge our own application for approval of the Enterprise Agreement. For our application to proceed, we had to ask the Fair Work Commission to grant us an “extension of time”. ANMF made submissions in support of the extension of time. Kalyra made submissions against the extension of time. And, on the 4 February 2020 ANMF won the case.

The ANMF has since met with Kalyra and is working to ensure they will give the necessary undertakings to get the agreement approved.  

We will continue to consult with members as the agreement progresses.

Members at this site should be extremely proud of their efforts and activism in achieving this outcome.

Kalyra Communities incorporates Kalyra Belair Aged Care, Kalyra McLaren Vale Aged Care and Kalyra Woodcroft Aged Care

The ANMF firmly believes that it is important for members to have a legally enforceable Enterprise Agreement that reflects the agreed terms and conditions of employment. This reduces the risk of issues, if in the future there is a disagreement about those terms and conditions.

To find out how ANMF can help you and your colleagues negotiate with your employer, contact the ANMF (SA Branch) Duty Officer on 8334 1900.