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26 November 2020

At our 2019 Annual Conference, Professor Wilfred McSherry spoke passionately about spirituality being a fundamental part of dignity and how this was central to high-quality care.

He argued that nursing, midwifery and health care promote a holistic approach which means supporting individuals with their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. Yet he stressed how this is often a neglected aspect of health care and he indicated that nurses, midwives and allied health professionals were asking for more education to enable them to better support individuals with this aspect of care.

To help us understand our rights and responsibilities in relation to the spiritual aspects of care and to ascertain the perceptions of our membership we have gained permission to replicate the Royal College of Nursing (UK) online Spirituality Survey which was led by Prof. McSherry.

We would really welcome your opinions and views and would ask you to give fifteen minutes of your time to complete this important survey. You can access the survey until Thursday 31 December 2020.

Take the survey

Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary and all responses will be anonymous.

If you require any information about the survey, then please do not hesitate to contact Nicola Williams at [email protected] or Jackie Wood at [email protected]

Please note:
Once you have completed the survey it will not be possible to withdraw your responses due to the anonymous nature of the data.  

If you do not want to answer any question you can still complete the survey by simply moving on to the next question.

You can stop completing the survey at any point, but the questions answered up to that point will be unable to be removed and the information provided included in the analysis. Please be aware that any identifiable comments presented in the qualitative data will be anonymised or removed prior to data sharing and publication.

About Professor Wilfred McSherry

Wilfred McSherry is a Professor in Nursing working in a joint appointment between the Department of Nursing, School of Health and Social Care, Staffordshire University, and the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust, United Kingdom, and part-time Professor at VID University College, Bergen, Norway.

Wilf has had a career in nursing working as a Registered Nurse, primarily within Acute Hospital Care, with a focus upon care of the older person and end-of-life care. His interest in the spiritual dimension developed alongside a realisation that this aspect of care was neglected and forgotten by some health care professionals. He has published extensively in this field with several books and many articles addressing different aspects of the spiritual dimension. In 2010 Wilf led a piece of work for the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) exploring members’ perceptions of spirituality.

Wilf is a founding and executive member of the British Association for The Study of Spirituality (BASS) (http://www.basspirituality.org.uk/about-us/) and a Principal Fellow of The Higher Education Academy. In 2012 he was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing for his unique contribution to nursing in the areas of spirituality and dignity. Wilf is currently leading a European project titled Enhancing Nurses Competence in Providing Spiritual Care through the Innovation Education and Compassionate Care (EPICC) website: http://www.epicc-project.eu/.