Seeking member feedback on 'Alcohol, tobacco and other drug misuse' position statement

25 June 2020

The ANMF (Federal Office) has national policies relating to nursing, health and social justice, which outline ANMF’s position and provide guidance to members in their practice and at their workplaces. Through the review process ANMF (SA Branch) members have an opportunity to be part of the review process and ensure policies remain contemporary and reflect members’ feedback.

The following ANMF position statement (PS) is due for review: Alcohol, tobacco and other drug misuse

You can read the summary of ANMF (SA Branch) feedback  on the Alcohol, tobacco and other drug misuse position statement.

The ANMF (SA Branch) has previously carried forward and adopted the following resolutions at the Annual Delegates Conference which are relevant to this particular position statement.

  1. ICE and Amphetamines Management
    ‘That the ANMF (SA Branch) lobby the State Government to ensure that there are improved Models of Care and facilities that are equipped to provide suitable care for this cohort of patients instead of accommodating them within Emergency Departments, or mental health inpatient facilities during the withdrawal period.’
  2. Drug and Alcohol Education in Schools
    ‘That the ANMF (SA Branch) lobby the State Government to increase Drug and Alcohol education in all Public and Private schools in SA, with a focus on early intervention.’

We encourage all members to review the above documents and provide any feedback to by close of business Friday 10 July 2020.