Onya James! Brayshaw backs our health care workers 

29 April 2020

Popular national footy commentator James Brayshaw has given the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (SA Branch) #KeepThemSafe campaign a huge plug on his Triple M Melbourne radio show this week.

Brayshaw, who has more than 70,000 followers on his Instagram site, posted photographs of himself and his four sons sporting a No.3 “buzzcut” in support of the campaign. The family also donated $500 to the Rosemary Bryant Foundation, which raises funding for nursing and midwifery research.

“It’s an amazing foundation that helps incredible people,’’ James told his Triple M listeners.

James, a former Redbacks cricketer and part of the Triple M Rocks Footy team broadcast in Adelaide, was contacted by the ANMF (SA Branch) to lend his support to our campaign. And he responded in spades.

“So I go to the young men (his sons) around the dinner table at my joint on Friday night … if we are  fair dinkum about honouring these incredible people who do this amazing work for us, we should all have a No.3 buzzcut and we’ll all put in 100 bucks each, which is code for me putting it all in, and donate that to the Rosemary Bryant Foundation,’’ James told his Triple M audience.

“I was amazed, they all said ‘Yep. We’re in’.’’

It was quite the sacrifice by James, who has a full head of hair (or at least he did). Even he admitted on air he didn’t particularly like the new hairdo. “When you’ve got hair and then it’s removed, it’s actually very weird,’’ he said.

“You sort of go to put your hand through your hair and suddenly you haven’t got any.

“I got some interesting feedback online. My funniest one was a bloke’s given it a hashtag Jim’s Mowing.’’

The upshot is James’s on-air partner, Geelong football great Billy Brownless, declared he was going to have a No.1 buzzcut in support of the campaign and put $100 towards the Rosemary Bryant Foundation.

The ANMF (SA Branch) sends James a huge thank you for being such a sport and showing incredible support.

To listen to the boys go to www.triplem.com.au and click on the “catch-up” episode featuring “The Brownless Report, JB’s buzzcut”. Fast forward to 18 minutes and 30 seconds for the segment.