New initiative aims to stop domestic violence before it starts 

28 October 2020

A new pre-emptive approach to tackling domestic violence has been created to facilitate early intervention and prevention programs for men.

With domestic violence reportedly on the rise during the pandemic, the South Australian-first service, Don’t Be That Man, is aimed at men who have concerns about their controlling behaviour and concerns also about how that behaviour might escalate to violence.

Following highly publicised domestic violence incidents – on average one Australian woman is killed by her partner every week - men have contacted helplines all over Australia looking for help so that their lives don’t end up creating a similar disaster for their partners and families, according to

“Many men said ‘I don’t want to be that man’ when seeking support and intervention. They were genuinely concerned about losing control. These catastrophic events can become pivot points for major change,’’ the site says. 

Don’t Become That Man is being delivered by non-government crime prevention agency Community Transitions and offers phone counselling services and nine crisis accommodation beds for men worried about their potential for violence. The service aims to bring at-risk men into rehabilitation before an incident occurs.

Funded by the State Government, the results of the six-month trial will likely inform future policies on domestic violence.

Community Transitions CEO Leigh Garrett said the service encourages men to think about the consequences of their behaviour escalating out of control.

“Don’t Become That Man will provide immediate assistance by offering prevention and longer-term support to men before harm occurs to women and children,” said Mr Garrett.

“Our trained intervention counsellors will connect men with treatment and support services, and facilitate counselling sessions which are tailored to the individual supporting motivation for change and accountability for actions.’’

The Don’t Become That Man Contact Centre is available for:

  • Men who are concerned that their thoughts and behaviours may include violent and/or controlling behaviours
  • Men who use controlling or violent behaviour seeking intervention and support
  • Women seeking information about men’s use of family violence, and access to supports
  • Family and friends of people who may be using or experiencing family violence, seeking assistance for others, and/or education for themselves

The contact centre is also available as a referral point for professionals to refer someone seeking additional support or intervention.

The Don’t Become That Man help line is 1300 24 34 13 (8am-8pm, weekdays).

After hours 24/7 (Men’s Referral Service): 1300 776 491

Email is [email protected]