Introducing your new member service - The New Daily

22 January 2020

New member service - The New Daily

ANMF (SA Branch) is pleased to announce its partnership with The New Daily to provide members with a regular, quality news service.
The New Daily is Australia's fastest growing news service, delivered every morning with the day's top stories in news, sport, weather, entertainment, superannuation and personal finance. It is trusted information because it works to a Charter of Editorial Independence and is owned by Industry Superannuation Funds.
There is nothing you need to do - your free subscription will automatically start in a few weeks. If you do not want this service just click on the opt-out button below and untick The New Daily option in the Preferences tab. You can also opt-out directly to The New Daily at any time if you decide later that you no longer wish to receive The New Daily emails.

Steps to update your details online:

  1. Click here to sign in
  2. Enter your membership number MINUS all the zeroes at the front
  3. Enter your password or select Forgot Password?
  4. Select View my profile
  5. Review and edit your subscription information under Preferences
  6. Click save

If you have any questions about the news service or require assistance logging into your account, please do not hesitate to contact our Membership team on 8334 1902 or