Buying your dream home 

23 June 2020

Article from April 2020 INPractice

Relax and let us do the worrying.
Ooh-ah! That is what you want people to say when they walk into your new home.  

But the ooh-ahs do not generally begin until many days, or in some cases weeks, after you move in, the boxes are unpacked, and you have recovered from the relocation process.

For many of our clients the complex  process of selling or buying a home can be daunting.

There are contracts, property interest reports, bank negotiations, finance approval, stamp duty, settlement adjustments, professional fees, and if you are really lucky there may even be an encumbrance which has to be lifted and replaced.

If the word, encumbrance, means nothing to you, you are not alone. An encumbrance is a right or interest in the land which does not prohibit that passing from one owner to another. It may, depending on the actual right, devalue your land or your  enjoyment of it. 

But with Union Legal SA you do not have to worry. Our team of qualified and experienced lawyers are here to communicate and explain the hard-to-understand issues to you.

Just one of the range of benefits we provide to ANMF (SA Branch) members,  are electronic files and settlement. This not only saves time but also saves you money  in professional fees.  

Whether it is selling your current property or buying your dream home,  let Union Legal SA help you navigate the potential pitfalls of the conveyancing process Contact Jodie or Lee from Union Legal SA  to find out how you can have a trouble-free transition into your new home, so you can sit back and enjoy the ooh ahs from your family and friends.

Selling OR buying
Professional fees start at $450
for sales and purchases
P: 1800 792 834

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