Are you covered for the hours you work? 

19 August 2020

Article from July 2020 edition of INPractice

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) is important for everyone working in nursing and midwifery including enrolled and  registered nurses, midwives, assistants in nursing and midwifery and personal care assistants.

Ensuring you have an appropriate level of PII coverage is essential to make sure you are protected. Failure to have the right coverage may expose you in the event of negligence or claims of unprofessional conduct.

Why am I not covered by my employer?
In many situations, the interests of the employer may vary from the interests of the employee. For example, you may not always be covered by your employer for breaches of their workplace policies or for representation before an AHPRA inquiry/hearing if you are accused of somehow breaching the national law regulating nurses and midwives. It may also provide added support and protection when involved in a Coroner’s Inquest.

If your working hours have changed and you haven’t let us know, you might not be adequately covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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