ANMF guidelines for aged care visits

14 May 2020

The ANMF has responded to a national code for visiting aged care facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic by developing its own guidelines.

The aged care industry released the Aged Care Visitor Access Code this week after thousands of complaints from people being unable to visit loved ones and criticism from the Prime Minister himself.

The code, developed after consultation with providers and advocacy groups, claimed to take a “human rights approach” that both protects and respects residents and visitors alike.

The ANMF federal office notes that dedicated workers in aged care are required to deliver the best infection control standards for vulnerable residents.

“Yet the Aged Care Visitor Access Code has no focus on the right number and mix of qualified and trained staff,’’ the ANMF says.

The ANMF have developed their own guidelines, because no provider can ensure the protection of our loved ones in aged care unless they consult with, and value the workers and their unions.  

See the ANMF guidelines at:

The ANMF has also developed guidelines for the nursing and midwifery workforces:

The full Industry Aged Care Visitor Access Code can be found on COTA Australia website.