What’s the difference? Workforce Renewal Scheme vs Voluntary Separation Packages  

24 September 2019

There are many, but the most significant distinction between the ANMF-led Workforce Renewal Scheme and the CALHN/WCH-led Voluntary Separation Package offers is that in the latter, the nursing/midwifery position is abolished altogether. This means that any person offered a Voluntary Separation Package is regarded as an excess position and their position will not be replaced.  

For this reason, the ANMF remains seriously concerned about the impact of removing any nursing and midwifery positions—so concerned that we took the matter to the SA Employment Tribunal (SAET). At the SAET, CALHN and the WCHN committed to consult with the ANMF before any position was deemed to be excess and discuss the impact of removing the identified position on work flow and workload of all nursing and midwifery employees.

Conversely, the Workforce Renewal Scheme does not spell the end of any position. In fact, it is designed to regenerate the workforce by staggering the projected retirement of 50 per cent of nurses/midwives over the next five years. This scheme is tightly regulated by the Australian Taxation Office and open only to eligible staff (see eligibility criteria here) and as soon as the position is vacated a junior nurse/midwife is appointed to the role. 

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact the ANMF (SA Branch) Duty Officer on 8334 1900.