The Greens Candidate For Adelaide Steps Up In Support Of Aged Care Staffing

17 April 2019

The Greens Candidate for the seat of Adelaide Barbara Pocock is among the latest in the growing list of federal politicians who have signed up in support of our national campaign for staffing ratio laws in aged care.

Emeritus Professor Pocock AM is a passionate advocate for fixing staffing in aged care after the experience of caring for her parents whilst in a facility in 2017.

“We had to make all those decisions that every family does about how to get our loved ones into good care.”

“We were shocked at how little staff were available at times, and how hard they had to work in an often stressed environment to create a good care situation.”

Barbara says those experiences, along with those as a working mother, helped her to learn how important it is to have a care system that works well – from childcare through to aged care.

In addition to changing the rules in aged care, Barbara says she will advocate for action on climate change, protection of our environment and to ensure global corporations pay their fair share of tax.

If you live in the Adelaide electorate, you should be very pleased you now have a candidate supporting the ANMF ratios campaign in the upcoming federal election.