Shine a spotlight on the extent of violence in your workplace. Report an incident in seconds here (one-click)

27 August 2019

As part of our campaign for the State Government to act immediately on a plan to address violence in health care settings, we have established a new online portal for staff to report incidents to the ANMF (SA Branch).

The online reporting tool is accessible directly from the ANMF (SA Branch) homepage at:

BUT Please note: this portal does not replace, nor should it delay, reporting violent incidents directly to your employer via the SLS system.

The ANMF (SA Branch) will use de-identified information from this portal to continue its widespread communications on the fact that almost every day in South Australia’s health care system nurses and midwives are the victims of punching, kicking, spitting, biting and other forms of physical and emotional assault.

ANMF (SA Branch) CEO/Secretary Adj Associate Professor Elizabeth Dabars AM says the campaign follows years of union advocacy for measures to address the growing reports of attacks on nurses and midwives in South Australia.

“Last year, we proposed adoption of an integrated plan developed by our ANMF counterparts in collaboration with the health department in Victoria. That plan contains a comprehensive and strategic approach to protecting the workforce and would benefit South Australia’s nurses and midwives.”

In response, SA Health advised the ANMF (SA Branch) it would set up yet another committee to explore the issue.

“We don’t need another committee; we need action, now. Every day this Government fails to act is another day our nurses and midwives remain at high risk of being seriously injured or worse.”

“The Marshall Government’s prolonged lack of action to reduce violence has sent a clear message to nurses and midwives that their safety is simply not a priority.”