SA nurses and midwives stand up for safe staffing 

24 July 2019

As enterprise bargaining negotiations for continue with the State Government on behalf of South Australia’s public sector nurses and midwives, the ANMF (SA Branch) has released the first in a series of videos that convey the stories of a workforce proudly standing up for patient/client care.

The videos have been voiced by local nurses and midwives who want the government and the wider to community to understand why they’re pushing for measures that ensure:

  • Safe staffing—because for every extra patient in a nurse’s care there is a 12% increase in patient deaths.
  • A stronger, future workforce capacity—because South Australia is set to lose 1 in 2 nurses to retirement in the next six years. Who will replace them?
  • Conditions that attract and retain staff to the workforce—because 1 in 5 nurses are considering leaving their positions amid worsening working conditions and violence.

Watch the safe staffing video here:

The Log of Claims details the specific measures endorsed by nurses and midwives as the basis of the current negotiations with the State Government.

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