Reports increase as anti-violence campaign continues  

26 September 2019 

“A patient just threatened nursing and security staff that he would 'get a gun and come back and shoot you all.'” 

“He grabbed my left breast and the shirt front. Four security guards had to remove him from me.” 

“He knocked me into a heart monitor so hard my head cracked the screen. It took almost 25 minutes to get him off me.” 

“The patient was yelling and throwing herself into walls, doors and was found to be in possession of uncapped needles and suspected illicit drugs.” 

“Patient threw table & other items around, ripped artwork off the walls & assaulted an off-duty police officer trying to help.” 

“I had returned from an offsite mtg…was dragged from the car, struck across the face & slammed into the car door.” 

The reports we’re receiving are continuing to be directed straight to the Premier himself in our call for the State Government to commit to the principles of the Ten-Point Plan to End Violence and Aggression. 

Help to keep this issue on the forefront:


* This tool should not prevent or delay you reporting the incident directly to your employer via the SLS process.