Interested in welcoming a trainee at your aged care workplace? 

29 August 2019

On the back of an extremely successful VET in Schools program, our award-nominated education provider ANMEC is seeking interest from aged care providers wishing to take on school-based trainees undertaking a Cert III Individual Support qualification.

Under this traineeship model, the school student/trainee would be an employee of your organisation for an average of one day per week. During this nominated weekday, the student would sometimes work at your site and sometimes attend ANMEC to complete the formal part of their studies. The student would be paid by the organisation as a part-time employee, and there are incentives and government funding payable to supporting organisations and their trainees. Students are typically aged between 16 and 18 years, although some mature-aged high school students may also be eligible.

If your aged care workplace is interested in partnering with ANMEC to establish a school-based trainee program to help equip the next generation of personal care workers in aged care, please contact [email protected].