Help us continue to shine a spotlight on violence in your workplace 

12 September 2019

While the anti-violence campaign continues to roll across public sector worksites across the State, your reports of incidents continue to stream in via our online reporting tool.

“Last week in our ED, a Dr was kicked in the stomach, a guard was kicked in the head & a nurse was bitten on the arm." 

"I was grabbed with such force that it took a guard and another nurse to free me. I now have a suspected fractured wrist." 

 “A member of staff was just punched in the jaw in my unit." 

“He was psychotic, holding scissors coming towards me. He smashed objects on a wall next to my head.” 

“I was attacked by a patient with a chair which broke a bone in my wrist”

These are just a fraction of the reports we’re receiving and that we are sharing to raise wider community awareness of the frequency and the impact of violence and aggression on you, as nurses and midwives. 

Help to keep this issue on the forefront in our call for much-needed action on a plan to end violence:   


* This tool should not prevent or delay you reporting the incident directly to your employer via the SLS process.