Exploring the Ten-Point Plan to Address Violence - Point #2 – Identify risks to staff and others

27 August 2019

It would be remiss of any plan to address violence not to include strategies to mitigate  the risks within each particular health care setting. Identifying these risks would, at the very least include the following strategies:

  • Screening and assessing patients and others for risk of aggression or violence towards staff
  • Fully integrating the violent and aggressive patient alerts system into the admission and patient stay process to ensure high-risk patients are identified and appropriately managed throughout their admission.
  • Putting an escalation process in place to help staff seeking assistance from senior management to manage aggressive or violent behaviours.
  • Ensuring sufficient numbers of nursing, medical and security staff are appropriately trained to respond to aggressive or violent behaviors.
  • Implementing a process to allow for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of aggressive and violent behaviours and the risks to staff and others.