CALHN Proposed Restructure Marks Important Time For Nursing Profession To Stand Up

17 April 2019

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ANMF (SA Branch) met with CALHN Executive and their advisors on 16 April following the initial briefing on the proposals on 3 April 2019. We will continue to meet with both, seeking additional information as needed to enable genuine consultation and seek to reach an appropriate agreement on relevant matters.

We were provided with the proposed job descriptions of the Manager – Clinical Program and Nurse Lead (and Medical Lead) roles on 11 April [view here ].

ANMF (SA Branch) members are deeply concerned the Manager – Clinical Program job description takes accountability for issues such as rostering and patient flow, yet there is no requirement for this position to be a clinician. Both job descriptions appear to impede the Nurse Leads’ autonomy and capacity to appropriately ensure professional practice and safe and effective nursing care.

We have also provided initial feedback regarding the structure of the program areas and suggested some significant changes to the proposed realignment of services within the proposed organisational arrangements.  Our firm view is that the size and complexity of several of the program areas create spans of responsibility that are too large and are unmanageable.

We strongly encourage all affected members to continue to provide feedback to us at and CALHN at particularly with regard to the following areas of concern:

* Proposed Program Structure (groupings of clinical programs and the large span of control are of significant concern);
* Leadership model and the ability of the Nurse Lead to be accountable and responsible for nursing standards and practice along with the patient experience of care;
* The lack of detail provided on the supporting structures around the Nurse Lead (examples already provided include safety and quality, education, HR and IT) or the structure and reports that sit beneath the lead role;
* Nursing as a profession (how will practice development, research, innovation, mentoring, leadership and role progression be facilitated?).

This is an important time for nursing as a profession to stand up.

We all know the importance of nursing having a strong voice at all levels of leadership and management of health services.  Without clearer information we can only assume the proposed model will only further push ever more responsibility and workloads onto Nurse Unit Managers, making them less available to support other nursing staff working directly with patients.

ANMF (SA Branch) officers will be meeting with members at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre to seek further feedback this week. We encourage all members to come along—your voice matters.