ANMF proceeds with Tribunal action over Voluntary Separation Package offers 

11 September 2019 

As members would be aware, on 5 September two metropolitan Local Health Networks (LHNs) informed nursing and midwifery staff that it would be offering voluntary separation packages to eligible employees. 

Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) and Women’s and Children’s Hospital Network (WCHN) made this decision without any notice or consultation with the ANMF (SA Branch). In doing so, we believe they have breached their obligations under your Enterprise Agreement and the HR Principles. 

Under the Voluntary Separation Package (VSP) process, only staff who are ‘excess to demands’ are eligible to take a VSP. 

We are concerned that the reduction of staff will mean the closure of beds and poorer health outcomes for patients. It will put more pressure on an already struggling health system. At a time when our system appears to be at breaking point with ramping, full emergency departments and not enough beds for demand, we don’t believe that our health system can afford to lose any nursing and midwifery staff.  

On 6 September, the ANMF (SA Branch) wrote to both LHNs requesting that the status quo remain until such time as meaningful consultation over VSP offers could be undertaken. As subsequent advice received from both LHNs failed to make this commitment, the ANMF (SA Branch) has now filed an urgent dispute notification with the South Australian Employment Tribunal. 

This action is not intended to discourage members from expressing their interest in a VSP offer (should you wish to do so); but rather seek agreement from the LHNs to halt the process until genuine consultation can take place. 

More information will be posted to News Hub as it becomes available.