ANMF Responds To CCTV Cameras In Aged Care Facilities

15 April 2019

The State Government’s announcement of a $500K investment into surveillance cameras in the rooms of elderly Australians in five aged care homes is a prime example of “closing the door after the horse has bolted,” says ANMF Federal Secretary Annie Butler.

“We are not really protecting or caring for our elderly properly by discovering a problem after it has occurred,” Ms Butler told Aged Care Guide

“We need to be implementing solutions, and urgently, that prevent all these problems and ensure safe and quality care for all.

She says turning to the use of surveillance cameras as the solution to the current problems in aged care is really “closing the door after the horse has bolted’.

Ms Butler says aged care workforce issues need to be addressed in order to prevent elder abuse.

“Chronic understaffing in residential aged care facilities continues to be a significant contributor to the problems we are seeing in in the sector and because nurses and care staff are under increasing workloads and undue pressures, residents aren’t getting the care they need.

“We need to protect our elderly, we need to prevent problems and work to ensure quality care.

“To do that we must have guaranteed appropriate staffing levels and skills mix with the capacity to deliver all aspects of the care their residents require.

“Currently, without mandated minimum staffing levels and skills mix, residents remain at risk,” she says.

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