How much does your membership benefit you?

Optimising your membership & benefits

How can we help you at work?

  • Your ANMF (SA Branch) Worksite Representative can provide support and information in your workplace.
  • Contact our Duty Officer for any workplace queries or an Industrial Officer for more serious issues through our Member Assist portal.
  • We provide collective strength and expertise to your enterprise bargaining negotiations.
  • Access legal advice either free of charge or at greatly reduced prices through Union Legal SA including legal representation on a range of professional practice or workplace issues.

Save at tax time

  • Don’t forget to claim your membership fees on your tax return each year.

Professional Development opportunities

Enjoy low-cost holidays

Make full use of your member discounts

Stay up to date

  • Set up a direct debit for your membership payments so you are protected by our Professional Indemnity Insurance and Journey Accident Cover coverage.
  • Subscribe to receive the latest news affecting your profession/s in your email inbox and home mailbox. 
  • If you change your address or workplace you could miss out on important information, resources and materials such as workplace-specific newsletters.
  • Have you changed your work hours? Paying an incorrect fee may affect your Professional Indemnity Insurance coverage and/or industrial cover.
  • If you move to another State or Territory it is important that you transfer to the appropriate State or Territory Branch to ensure you receive complete cover. Financial members of ANMF (SA Branch) or any other State or Territory Branch of the Australian Nursing Federation can transfer their membership simply by phoning us on 8334 1902 and we will take it from there. Once your membership is transferred, you will be contacted by the relevant State or Territory Branch to complete the process – it is as simple as that!
  • Are you planning to take a break or commence maternity leave? Maintaining your membership while you take an extended break or go on maternity leave will ensure you’re kept up to date. Our Associate Membership option is a great idea because it allows you to continue your membership for a lower fee and still receive great benefits like access to free CPD (to maintain your 20 hours), extended legal services and discounts via Member Advantage.*
  • Let us know if you are on WorkCover. Membership fees are still payable while you are on WorkCover. If you are on extended WorkCover and your income is reduced you can also contact us to discuss a reduction in membership fees.
  • If you are thinking of resigning from your position, please contact us on 8334 1902 for advice or information.

*Please note that if you do not upgrade to Working Category Membership on returning to your nursing or midwifery role you will not be covered by our:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance policy
  • Journey Accident Cover to and from work, or
  • Receive work-related support or have access to legal advice

Terms and Conditions

*Wage increases negotiated through enterprise bargaining in all sectors. For most members wage increases would be over $2,000 per annum.
Tax Deductible: ANMF (SA Branch) membership fees are fully tax deductible and your cover starts the day you join. Legal Advice: Professional, legal and industrial advice and representation is only provided to those who are full financial (working category) ANMF (SA Branch) members at the time the instance for which they are seeking assistance occurs.